Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Second Go Around

Well I have tried blogging before only it just didn't go so well.  I just never kept up with it.  While I read lots of blogs every day, I just hope that I can create a blog where I an share both what I do in my classroom, but also my love for traveling.

I teach both 7th grade Math and also a night math class at a local Art Institute.  We use the CPM curriculum so I am always trying to find some creative ways of sprucing up my lessons.

The one thing that I love about teaching is the summers off.  I used to work in a cubical and let's just put it like this - that didn't last too long.  I absolutely to travel the world.  Some places that I have been are Tunisia, Costa Rica, Russia, Mongolia, China.  I enjoy making the world my classroom over the summer.  One of my hobbies is taking pictures so trying to show others what the world has to offer excites me!

So here's to the new blog, I hope I can share some ideas with others!

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