Friday, October 26, 2012

Math Graffiti Posters

A few weeks ago I ordered some posters for my classroom called Math Graffiti.  This pack of posters has 55 posters that have catchy ways of saying Math terms. I hung these posters all around my classroom - I first laminated them and hung them all with velcro since come PSSA testing time - I have to take them all down. I love Velcro - best product invented for a classroom!!! 

While the posters do cost quite a bit of money - my students really enjoy look at them all over my room.  This year I hung them all at once, I think next year I might hang them up as we cover the topic, almost like a graffiti word wall. For those that speak Spanish - the words are written in Spanish at the bottom of each poster.  Each poster is 11"x17" so students can see this all around the room.  

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