Monday, November 5, 2012

Mock Presidential Election

Tomorrow is the election!!  I am quite happy for this for two main reasons:
#1 - No more television ads - you can't watch 10 minutes of TV without seeing ads that bash one candidate or another.  I wish there was a limit to how many ads they could show - use the money for something more useful!

#2 - No more robo telephone calls - when Bob Barker calls me to tell me to vote, thats where I draw the  line.  I actually disconnected my house phone for the past week.  When an actual person called and asked who I was voting for, my response was, "whoever calls me the least".  They never know what to say after that.

Apart from my frustration with ads and telephone calls, I am actually excited to do a mock election in my classes.  I put together a very simple ballot that my students will vote with.  I had them list their class period and gender just so we can do some extra analysis such as:

 ~Which President did the girls want vs. the boys
~ Which class period would have elected a particular candidate over another
~ Did all class periods vote the same
~ If we awarded an "electoral" vote to the candidate that won each class - would they win the "electoral vote" and the popular vote or just one of them.

There is so much data analysis you can get from just a simple vote!  I love analyzing data!

This is my sample ballot - you could add the extra 3rd parties - but knowing my students, they most likely would choose those people just to be funny and it wouldn't be that accurate.

Make sure you all go and vote tomorrow!!!

I created a google spreadsheet (I love google!) to gather all of our votes.  Take a look and see if your classes had a similar voting experience.


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